We are a fierce and loving People.
We honor Femaleness.
Our religion is the Wheel.
Our language is Ritual.
Our Tribe:  Goddess, Dianic, Amazon.

In her groundbreaking new book, Kim Duckett writes on The Wheel of the Year as a Spiritual Psychology for Women:

“Although my interests and my work encompasses all aspects of women’s spirituality generally, and Dianic Goddess traditions in particular, much of my work has focused on European earth-based shamanic and magical traditions. The centrality of the Wheel of the Year, or the Wheel of Life, in these traditions has become a beloved tool in my personal spiritual practice.”

“I have also discovered, along with my sisters who have followed the Wheel together as a community for many years now, that the Wheel is not simply a teaching or illustrative tool about the seasons, or planting, or a backdrop for the agricultural myths of antiquity.  I have come to see it as an ancient “psychology” and a spiritual Path and teach it as such.”