About Kim

Kim Duckett

As founder and elder Priestess/Teacher of the Mystery School, Kim earned multidisciplinary degree in Women’s Studies, Women’s Psychology/Spirituality, and Transpersonal and Spiritual Psychologies Ph.D., from the Union Institute and University (Ohio).

She is an experienced and gifted Ritualist and Beloved Teacher of Circle and Women’s Ways.  As for her interest and training in psychology, her work focuses exclusively on women’s healing and empowerment with a special focus on the psychologies of Goddess women.

Kim is an ordained High Priestess in Dianic Goddess traditions, has taught women’s Studies in university settings for over 25 years, and formally began her activism and life-long commitment to women in 1974 when she co-founded the Asheville Rape Crisis Center (now known as Our Voice).

Kim is joined in her work by Barb Lutz/Tribas whose altars and shamanic creations of sacred space has garnered her praise and an honored position in Goddess communities. Barb’s art enhances and brings alive Kim’s teachings in a powerful way.