Imbolc in dark cold winter can signify endurance in the face of adversity and scarcity; we may encounter fragility, tenuousness, uncertainty, darkness and despair beyond what we think we can endure.  Women know these experiences. We have held both new life and death in our hands.  We have wondered;  will this child make it, will the addict live or die, will my lover come home, will I survive this loss?  Will I be ok? Will there be enough resources to see us into spring?

I imagine our ancestors sitting in a circle at this time of year, with whatever sources of light they had, listening to one another.  Just so, we are invited to sit circle together and share how we “are”, what we need, what is frozen, what is thawing, what is fragile.  In the deep winter, we begin again.  We say Yes again each year; Yes to returning light, to the coming outward time.  We are saying Yes to the living of life again and whatever it may bring.  I speak of Imbolc as a time of Faith.