At Lammas, we appreciate the fruits of our labors.  We stop and honor all we have created, nurtured and protected. This Holy Day is time to be aware of the power of food in our lives.  Feed one another in ritual,  give each other drink in small chalices.  Say the words “may you never hunger, may you never thirst” and look deep into each other’s eyes.  Look deep enough to know that there is more we hunger for than food.

Lammas is also about the potential loss of all we have worked for.  After the planting, tending and protecting, our plants and plans ( and we) are large and full and near harvest and …everything could be lost, in an instant.  The “locusts” could come as flood or drought or illness or accident.

We turn to old gestures of protection inherited from our foremothers.  We may make a corn dolly and hide seeds in the folds of her dress, to be held by the Goddess through the coming dark time.  These may be literal seeds of herbs, vegetables, flowers – or the seeds of ideas, dreams, hopes, desire for healing.  We get to feel our original earth-based natures as we unearth old rituals for protection from the hard times.  These times are now upon us.  May we be strong and resilient for what is to come.

Lammas is the build-in moment, the true north of your inner compass for following what is right for you.  Lammas is about gratitude, a true and deep emotion that can well up inside us when faced with the absolute magic of harvest, or gathering in pour true heart work.